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Herbal Consultations

The price of the Initial consultation includes the cost of the consultation itself and also the cost of your herbal prescription for about a week.

You can pay for your follow-up consultations depending on your particular personal schedule, which you will agree with your herbalist, and you will be invoiced separately for the cost of your herbal prescription . 


The cost of your herbal prescription depends on the ingredients and their weight, typically £15-£2o per week. As your symptoms and your condition will be changing during the course of treatment, so will your herbal prescription.


That is why it is very important to keep your herbalist informed about any changes you are experiencing - good or

bad - travel, weather, lifestyle changes (new exercise regime, fasting or other dietary alterations), period pain or unusual headache - just text or give us a ring - we might need to modify or change your herbal prescription.

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