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About your herbal therapist


Marina Cosmetatos

MSc CHM, BSc(Hons) Lic.Ac

British Acupuncture Council


I have been practicing Chinese Herbal Medicine for over a decade now and I have been studying it for almost two decades -

I still follow my teachers around the world!



Acupuncture BSc

Diploma in qi gun

Masters in Chinese herbal medicine

JingFang Studies with Suzanne Robidoux

Dr Huang Huang

A. Versluys


China trip - observing Dr. Feng Shi Lung


About our clinic

In the last few years I have been getting more people contacting me from far away - asking for alternative treatment with herbs, and it proves to be working quite well - thanks to the special distant diagnostic technique which I’ve been mastering with my China-based teacher Suzanne Robidoux. 


I have been doing Skype consultations for a while already, with patients contacting me from Russia, Spain, Ukraine, Cuba, Germany, Norway, and of course, South London as well;) Now, because of the pandemic, my herbal clinic has moved 100% online. 







I hope in the near future I’ll be able to invite all my local patients back into my North London clinic for live face-to -face acupuncture and herbal therapy. Real human contact is the best ingredient for healing! 

About our herbs

The herbs used in the prescribed formulas are of highest quality, sourced from reliable suppliers, which are approved by the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine, the regulatory body for Chinese herbalists in the UK. Before distribution, all herbs are examined for traces of heavy metals and pesticide levels in accordance with EU law. They are free from preservatives, chlorine and aluminium phosphate.



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Dried herbs to cook at home

Dried herbs cooked for you

Dried herbs grinded into powder

Concentrated freeze-dried granules

The herbs come in various  formats:
1) dried twigs, roots and leaves, which patient would have to cook at home, like tea;

2) concentrated herbal powders (granules) - herbal extracts, spray-dried in laboratory conditions with strict quality control and sequrely packaged. A spoon of powder is dissolved in hot water, like an instant coffee. 

Both formats are effective and have their own advantages. Powders, for example, are good to take on holidays with you, where cooking facilities are limited, or if you don't have time to cook the herbal tea. The dried herbs have more flavour, they feel more real and vibrant, and full of ancient power - closer to the magical root of Oriental medicine. The dried herbs are more often prescribed for acute conditions.

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