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Hello and welcome to Herbal Clinic Online!

To get your herbal medicine you are required by European and UK regulation to have face-to-face consultation with the prescribing herbalist. We can do it online.

After you book your consultation, you will get an email with the consultation form to fill in, you send it back to us and then we can connect online (or by phone) to discuss your case. Your herbalist will prepare your personalised prescription and arrange delivery.




About Oriental Herbal Medicine

Oriental Medicine gives people a different perspective and deeper understanding of their body in sickness and in health. Everyone can benefit from this.


More info about Chinese Herbal Medicine - history and now. 


High quality herbal formulas are prescribed according to your individual needs.

The diagnosis takes into account your general health symptoms, your constitution, family history, emotions, lifestyle, tone of voice, favourite foods, etc. 

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